• UJ260 voor Panasonic 12.7mm SATA Tray Load Blu-ray BD DVD Burner Laptop Drive

    UJ260 voor Panasonic 12.7mm SATA Tray Load Blu-ray BD DVD Burner Laptop Drive

    UJ260 voor Panasonic 12.7mm SATA Tray Load Blu-ray BD DVD Burner Laptop Drive


    Part Number: UJ260

    Condition: 100% new

    Buffer Size: 2 MB

    Height: 12.7mm (does not fit 9.5mm drive) 12.8mm x 12.7mm x 12.9mm

    Interface: SATA

    Disk Load: Tray loading

    Note: we must pay attention on SATA serial port size before make a order.


    Fit Models:

    Acer Aspire 5930G 6930G 5530G 7750G 8940G intern

    Asus G74 G74JH G74SW G74SX

    Asus G74 G74JH G74SW G74SX

    HP EliteBook 8570w 8560w 8760w 8770w

    HP Pavilion dv4 dv5 dv6 dv7 dv8

    HP Compaq 6730b 6735s Presario CQ60 CQ62

    HP Envy 17-1190eg 620 625 8560p 8460p

    HP 6730b 6735s 2230s 6735b CQ60 CQ62 CQ56

    IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T420 T430

    Fit all laptop of use SATA interface and 12.7mm thickness,Tray load style DVD Drive

    New Quad (QL) 128GB Triple (TL) 100GB Blu-ray Burner

    Support SL, DL, TL and QL. With new data technology BDXL of TL and TQ!

    SL Single Layer Disc 25GB

    DL Dual Layer Disc 50GB

    TL Triple Layer Disc 100GB "NEW"

    QL Quad Layer Disk 128GB "NEW"

    Read Speed:

    2x BD-ROM (Blu-Ray Read)

    24x CD

    8x DVD

    5x DVD-RAM

    CD Write Speed:

    24x CDR

    16x CDRW

    DVD Write Speed:

    8x DVD-R

    8x DVD+R

    6x DVD-RW

    8x DVD+RW

    6x DL-R

    6x DL+R

    5x DVD-RAM

    BD Write Speed:

    6x BD-R SL (Blu-Ray Write Single Layer)

    6x BD-R DL (Blu-Ray Write Dual Layer)

    4x BD-R TL (Blu-Ray Write Triple Layer)

    4x BD-R QL (Blu-Ray Write Quad Layer)

    2x BD-RE SL (Blu-Ray ReWrite Single Layer)

    2x BD-RE DL (Blu-Ray ReWrite Dual Layer)

    2x BD-RE TL (Blu-Ray ReWrite Triple Layer)


    Write speed:

    BD-R(SL/DL) :Max.6X CAV

    BD-R(TL/QL) : Max.4X Zone CLV

    BD-RE(SL/DL/TL) : 2X CLV

    DVD-R :Max.8X CAV

    DVD-R DL :Max.6X Zone CLV

    DVD-RW :Max.6X Zone CLV

    DVD+R :Max.8X CAV

    DVD+R DL :Max.6X Zone CLV

    DVD+RW :Max.8X Zone CLV


    CD-R :Max.24X CAV

    CD-RW :4X CLV

    High Speed CD-RW :10XCLV

    Ultra Speed CD-RW :Max.16X Zone CLV

    Read speed:

    BD-ROM : Max 6X CAV(for Data)

    2.0x CLV(for Video)

    DVD-ROM :Max 8X CAV

    CD-ROM :Max 24X CAV



    Packing :

    UJ260 UJ-260 Blu- ray DVD burner SATA Drive


    Heet Product


    LENOVO L13L4A61 voor Lenovo FLEX 2 14 15 15D

    ASUS A31N1519 voor ASUS X540S X540L X540LA-SI302 X540SA X540S

    DELL F38HT PFXCR voor Dell Latitude E7440 Ultrabook 7000

    HP 462969-B21 462976-001 voor HP P212 P410 SAS 650MAH P serie

    MICROSOFT BV-T5E voor Microsoft Lumia 950 RM-1106 RM-1104 RM-110 McLa

    A13-045N2A KP.0450H.001 laptop adapter voor Acer Aspire Switch 11 12 V,Acer Chromebook 11

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